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Dearest fellow Hydeologists,

we've seen Hyde with L'Arc, shaking his booty and looking totally vibrant, and we've seen him letting out his inner angst beast on stage while solo.

My question for you guys is: which side of Hyde do you think is the most representative of him? The silly, more feminine lead singer or the  masculine rock star? Just one, or both?
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Hey everyone,

I want to expand further on my collection of Hyde pictures, as probably, we all do~ :)

I want help with gathering the paparazzi pictures, especially the one where he's near the Mini.
Is that the car he drives? I remember hearing that a long while back~?

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Was it actually Hyde who drew the landscape sketches in the Kaze no Yukue PV? We all know he is a pretty talented artist, yadda yadda.

I just want to know.
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I was wondering if anyone knew if Hyde has a myspace? And if so, what is it? I tried looking it up but 71 pages of non-Hydes is too much to look at -_-;;.
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hey, my name's xiaou, I'm a newbie to the HYDE fannation and I recently had the pleasure of finding FAITH CD+DVD album. as I was flipping through the booklet (which was really weird in the way it was designed, font all over the place, but I digress) and in the first track Jesus Christ are these lyrics sung in english:

...the deepest trust, I won't leave you
but my child is fading, an innocent
...I'd do anything to save this life
take me instead

does anybody know what they could mean, is it metaphorical or biblical, or is he referring to a child in his life (aka his own?)

PS: do you spell it HYDE or Hyde?
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Hello friends.
today i was searching around and I found this pic of Hyde..
It looks like he has a nipple piercing (i know he said he was going to/had gotten them)... or maybe it is just me seeing things? See for yourself.
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My inner fangirl is probably gonna burst from the mounting excitement of a *possible* picture of Hideto Junior.

A part of me said it could be Kanata Hongo since he is friends with the boy, but the boy is already in his teens so there's no way he could be that small. And then my thought turned Hideto Junior since a) kids these days really grow up physically very fast b) Junior looks to be about 6?

I couldn't really tell since it's a collage of sorts~

Oh, and the picture of the child is on the top left corner.

do you think I'm being delusional? )
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hyde's personal data have always been a mystery for us, hydeologists. Nevertheless, through endless staring at pictures research we have come to establish probabilities. His real name, date of birth, and height are those that have values equivalent to the real thing.

I would like to present a new topic for discussion. This might have already been discussed, if so, please forgive me. FIRST POST JITTERS and all.

Oh, and HELLO, fellow hydeologists! This is yannen. 8D long-time lurker, first time poster, and all that jazz. Very pleased to meet all of you!
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I hope this is okay, really. This really is ontop but some may see this is fan made? I'm not sure.

1. I'm looking for a Megumi muse (I know this is no RP advertisment place but a place filled with wonderful and loving fans ) that would love to play with a Hyde. Personal, in a community, anything. I just thought this would be the best place to ask since so many fans of Hyde is here (And we love Megumi <3 ne?)

2. I heard rumors about that Megumi and Hyde got another child??


Dec. 18th, 2007 05:25 pm
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I'm really new here and at this thing in particular, but does anyone at all know if HYDE GOT BRACES?? I highly doubt that since no one much has been saying anything, but my friend told me about it and I'm just all.... O______O. So if anyone has any information or photos (yes you dearies do, I'm sure), please please PLEASE share it with me okay? I just want it to be clear. ^__^
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Soooo, first off, some places say Hyde is from Osaka, some Wakayama. So which is it? Where IS Wakayama, anyway?

Next. Well, I'm learning (teaching myself, really) to play guitar, and I figure, hey, I wanna learn a L'Arc (or HYDE!) song. I can already play Evergreen and the intro to Niji (my god that song is confusing). Any suggestions for other songs that are relatively easy to play? Or at least that I might be capable of learning, I'm feeling kinda hopeless right now.

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Both Promised Land and REVELATION have some muttery English parts in the beginning. Anyone know what's being said in either of those two songs?


Hyde or Haido - which is he to you? (my answer would be: haido about 90% of the time)

 EDIT: Oh, and I meant the way it's pronounced, I very rarely see anyone spell it haido. Because I realize I didn't make that clear.
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Um I just read that hyde had an affair with another woman recently..  yeah the idea to me is pretty preposterous and right now im like wtf and scratching my head.  but then again this could be another rumour so if anyone can enlighten me in any way that would pretty much help because you know.  rumours about hyde and megumi's relationship are alays arising.  it kinda makes me feel bad for them.

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Some time has passed since my last visit here and I sadly couldn't participate in all these interesting disussions but I've read all entries including every single comment.
Two questions arised in my mind the past months concerning hyde's musicianship and one about his ever interesting love life ^_^

Some time ago Hinano Yoshikawa was mentioned in one of the comments here - But it's such an interesting topic IMHO that I can't let it slip like this without any further discussion. Long story short: She was rumored to be hyde's girlfriend in 1993/94. Well.. I had read that she received specials thanks in the "Tierra" CD booklet and after I checked my own copy I can say that this is indeed true. Somehow Laruku and Hinano Yoshikawa are connected.
Getting to the point she was 14 and 15 years old respectively then, therefore a relationship with hyde is -eh- impossible. To say it with her own words hyde was way too old for her. Does someone know more about this topic?
btw, her name appears in articles like this one for example (I believe it's the Portugese Wikipedia, isn't it?)
Did hyde wrote about a former girlfriend in his diary with whom he lived together? Please enlighten me, curious desu XD

Going on to the next question~
To ask blatantly: Was hyde really a drum teacher before he joined his first band? I've seen only two pictures of him sitting behind a drum set..

There was something about him taking singing lessons starting with the age of six.. True? Because, well, I don't think so (but I would kinda like this fact).

And now just for fun, a picture of something I've discovered recently.

Good Charlotte!?! SERIOUSLY! )

Whoever wrote this - Thanks for the LOL!
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This has actually been getting to me for a long time. Well, 3 months seems like a long time to me, but anyways....

I'm sure at least some of you have seen Eleonara's wonderful translations of the concerts on Ark BBS? If you haven't, to sum it up, Hyde said at one concert that he and his band were not actually that close, and were more like work acquaintances than anything. (oh yeah, go me for not citing it -____-)

First of all, that would be sad, because Tetsu freaking convinced Ken to go into indies rock and kept him from getting into architecture school and that just GOES TO SHOW THAT FAME REALLY DOES SUCK AFTER ALL GAH  But on the other hand, it makes you wonder about everything then. Obviously, the fact has already been well-established that Hyde is pretty secretive about his personal life. And though I do separate fanfiction from reality (I hope ;;;) the fact remains that I really thought that they were closer than that.

Was Hyde like this with Sakura too? :O

Did the band just.... fall apart after 1997? Hmmmm.... so maybe it isn't just me hallucinating then....

Woohoo, so anyways, any thoughts on it? :O

I still think it's the saddest thing in the world that Ken and Tetsu aren't friends anymore.....
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Hi! I just wanna ask this question that has been bugging me for some time... Do you think that hyde has ever gotten plastic/cosmetic surgery?
No flaming please...I'm not making an accusation or anything :D
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 Two more questions.

1. I found some really old pics of Hyde wearing what looked like a pretty white dress at a concert. It was somehwat tight around the torso and arms with flow-y things at his wrists, and I think he had his hair up in a white ribbon. Unfortunately, I no longer have the pics. But does anyone know what that was from? (Pics, vids, ect. greatly apreciated)

2. I heard somehwere that when Sakura was in jail, he and Hyde wrote letters to each other. Being the raving Sakuhai-fan I am, I'd love to see proof of this (or other SakuHai tidbits <3).
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Greetings, Hydeologists!

I recently came across the translation of Metropolis (found at Centigrade-j), which shocked me to no end... But then, we all know Hyde's a total perv. What I'm here to ask about is this; some fans were talking about the song and said that he wrote it about his teacher. Unfortunately, I was unable to find anything out, and so I turn to you. Anyone know anything?

[EDIT] And here are the lyrics, for those interested.

clickie~ )
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I just read an interview from Pati Pati 2007 and Hyde stated that he's always feeling pain.  He's stated that on more than one occaision actually.  He has said that he does feel happiness at times but he's said that he feels pain alot more.  Does anybody know why Hyde is so sad or feels so much pain?
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